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Bad effects of the “Reformation” on Oxford: Cobbett

Apologies for the seeming Judaphobia in the following excerpt. I don’t, however, believe Cobbett was a hater of Jews, and it’s not the point of my entry. “30. When we hear some Jew, or Orange-man, or parson-justice, or Jocelyn saint, … Continue reading

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The “Reformation”: Beastly lust, hypocrisy, perfidy!

The idea that the Reformation was some kind of good thing is prevalent in (probably) every popular history book, movie etc because of its opposition to the Catholic Faith. I’ll be happy to hear of any instances where this isn’t … Continue reading

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Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This devotion was written by St Alphonsus Liguori. I have corrected the spelling and other errors in the copy I originally had as best as I can so far. Notice of any further corrections needed will be received gratefully! I … Continue reading

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Capitalism: Belloc

The Faith and Industrial Capitalism “Industrial Capitalism is a manifest evil. It cries out against our sense of justice, its products offend our sense of beauty, the society based on it is not only vile but increasingly unstable. It came … Continue reading

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The Revival of Latin – re-posted

I wonder how far I shall carry any opinion with me when I plead for active effort to revive the general use of Latin? Thus begins Belloc’s essay on The Revival of Latin One of the things I really like … Continue reading

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In a time of universal deceit

finding the truth is nigh on impossible. Incidentally, according to this website, Orwell did not say “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” See what I mean? To find out if he ever … Continue reading

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CobbettSez meme

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Hilaire Belloc: The Faith Through the Press

  In England at least, a daily Catholic paper is not yet a practical proposition, meaning by this a daily paper not devoted to specifically Catholic news but to all news treated in the light of Catholic philosophy and Catholic … Continue reading

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

Let me tell you a story. I’m no good at telling them, but I’ll do what I can. Maria and her husband, Noway Jose, were not actually Hispanic. I just like the names. They were Catholic, however, and quite unusual … Continue reading

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The Barque of Peter

This is the Barque of Peter, an expression meaning Peter’s ship, referring to the Catholic Church, with the Pope at the helm. It is Peter’s barque, because St. Peter was the first Pope. Right now, however, the picture is dismal. … Continue reading

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