“Muh Resistance”

This Papacy is a Scourge.

I’m trying to keep this post simple, for the benefit of non-Catholics who will read it.

Putting things in their simplest terms, and bearing in mind that I might not fully understand certain aspects of Church teaching, I will endeavour to write what’s on my mind.

For His own reasons, God has permitted us to suffer under what must surely be the worst Pope in history. It is certainly possible for the Church to have a bad man sitting as Pope. It’s happened many times before and the doctrine of Infallibility is narrowly defined, so that it certainly doesn’t mean the moral impeccability of the man who holds the office. That said, Francis is a disaster.

The Church has survived bad Popes, and as bad as this one is, the Bride of Christ (the Church) will survive this too. But it’s really ugly.

How Bad Is It?

The Catholic Herald has something to say about the recent scandal with child abuse, and it shows just how bad things are.

The man is also clearly a (material) heretic and has even blasphemed on more than one occasion. Let that sink in. For some more information on heresy, check out the Catholic Encyclopedia, but briefly, heresy means disagreement with one or more doctrines of the Church.

He is, in my opinion, a Peronist Thug, as is outlined in the very popular e-book, “The Dictator Pope” by pseudonymous writer,  ‘Marcantonio Colonna’ (Soon available in hardback).


So today I woke up to this bizarre “interview” given by The Francis to one of his Flying Monkeys, Fr Antonio Spadaro. Italian is here. English Google translation is here. I notice that Google translate gives “Holy Father” as “Sister Father” for some reason and it was so clearly wrong that I made a point of checking the Italian, even though I don’t really read it. So I guess the translation could just be really, really terrible, but even so, I’ve heard more than I ever want to from this Pope and even when he is translated by reliable people, what comes out is “word salad.” It’s just a bunch of guff.

But at this passage, I burst out laughing. It’s simply mad:

What resistances did you encounter and how did you experience them?

“I never say before the difficulty that it is a” resistance “, because it would mean giving up discerning, which I want to do instead. It is easy to say that there is resistance and not to realize that in that contrast there can also be a shred of truth. This also helps me to relativize many things that, at first sight, seem to resist, but in reality it is a reaction that arises from a misunderstanding … But when I realize that there is real resistance, of course, I’m sorry. Some people tell me it’s normal that there is resistance when someone wants to make changes. The famous “it’s always been like that” reigns everywhere, it’s a great temptation that we all lived. The resistances after Vatican II, still present, have this meaning: to relativize, to water down the Council. I’m even more sorry when somebody enlist in a resistance campaign. And unfortunately I see this too. I can not deny that there are any resistances. I see them and I know them. There are doctrinal resistance. For mental health I do not read the websites of this so-called “resistance”. I know who I am, I know the groups, but I do not read them, simply for my mental health. If there is something very serious, they inform me why they know it. It is a displeasure, but we must move forward. When I perceive resistances, I try to dialogue, when dialogue is possible; but some resistances come from people who believe they have the true doctrine and accuse you of being a heretic. When in these people, for what they say or write, I do not find spiritual goodness, I simply pray for them. I feel sorry, but I do not dwell on this feeling for mental hygiene.”

Maybe it’s just the translation (I think not) but these look like the rantings of a madman!

Good to see we’re getting up his nose, however.

I’ll leave you with my thoughts from this morning, on Twitter:


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