To Do

Every now and then I re-evaluate my life. I’m sure many people do. With children growing up, and the youngest now being 7 years old, I am very definitely at a different time of life. I still have family duties, of course, which along with prayer, are the most important things. But in an effort to try to make sure that my increasing free time – or rather, thinking time – isn’t squandered on silly stuff, I am making a list of things I would like to tackle in the next 10 years. These are all things I can do at home, so it doesn’t include things I might like to do with the kids, out in the general community. We home school, so obviously a good part of my day is taken up with being available to help the kids with their work. The ones at home are currently aged 7 to 15, with my two eldest now in their 20s and back in Australia.


It’s all Greek to me.

Stuff to do in my “spare time” (10 year plan):

Scripture (Douay-Rheims translation)
The Church Fathers
Catechism of the Council of Trent
Papal Encyclicals
Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma – L. Ott

Prayer: Practice Mental Prayer

Improve: Cooking, Gardening

Gregorian Chant, Piano, Guitar, Bass guitar
Ancient Greek

Latin, Italian, Hebrew

Projects: Writing, Video making

Reading: Continue with the Western Canon – Shakespeare et al

Many of these I have made a start on. I just need to keep it up.


One of the palms in my front garden.

Check out these wonderful Gregorian Chant videos! This dear man has a project to record the entire Graduale Triplex (book of Gregorian Chant) and put them up on YouTube! It’s amazing!


PS – we had a bit of snow the other day, so we did. Before Michigan! This is Texas, folks.


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2 Responses to To Do

  1. Lawrence Bond says:

    Hello. A great list of targets, Louiseyvette. What level would you like to reach with the Latin and Hebrew? Ma l’italiano — perché vuoi imparare la lingua?

  2. louiseyvette says:

    I would like to be very proficient at both Latin and Greek. Hebrew is just a bit of a passing interest, so I don’t know how much I’d like to learn it. I’d like to be able to have a proper conversation in Italian. I don’t know why, really, but I learned it a very little in Grade 7 and have just always liked it. It’s really the only modern language I’m interested in learning. Spanish makes more sense to learn though, because there are so many Spanish speakers here in Texas. I will just fiddle around with that on duolingo. 🙂

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