Confessional States

How do we know what’s right or wrong in politics?


It can’t simply be about the majority, because clearly whenever a majority is in favour of something unfashionable, The Left simply asserts that it must work to change people’s opinions, or simply change the law regardless. People on the Left (ie filthy commie bastards) have evil ideas and thus reverse good and evil for the most part. If the majority of people are in favour of a law the Lefties want to change, they simply work to change the law. If the majority of people are in agreement with the Lefties about a law, that majority is invoked as the reason to change. Either way, for these cretins, democracy doesn’t really matter, only Lefty ideas matter.

So, whatever it is – and I couldn’t possibly call it a philosophy, because it’s not coherent – the Lefty Worldview, no matter how insane, is the Standard for modern societies, according to most people currently in politics.

Every State is Confessional.


That is, every State has a Worldview which is the Standard – the official worldview, no matter how incoherent, or evil. This Standard is what actually informs the laws.

The Communist State has a filthy commie Standard.

For England and most English-speaking nations, until recent decades, Anglicanism was the Standard.

For the USA, a weird blend of filthy Enlightenment values and Protestant values were the Standard.

Filthy Islamic nations have filthy Sharia as the Standard (and if you want to vomit, you can google images of sharia law)


Thus, Hindus will want to live in a Hindu State.

Buddhists will want to live in a Buddhist State.

Muslims will want to live in a Sharia State.

Communists will want to live in a Communist State.

Anglicans will want to live in an Anglican State.

As a Catholic, I want to live in a Catholic State. I consider this to be an uncontroversial statement.

Every type of State will have its “heretics” and they will be in some sense disadvantaged. On the whole, I favour a Catholic State with as much liberty for dissenters as possible, but the reality is that if you let heresy flourish, you will end up with either Anarchy, Communism, or perhaps Islam – which is to say some very violent, unjust system in which good things can barely survive. The victims will be numberless and in most cases will be infants in the womb, or babies exposed to the elements etc.

There is no such thing as a Neutral State.

Every modern state has proved such a concept to be a myth. The most you can hope for is a Confessional State which interferes with the “heretics” as little as possible.

We have seen what happens to a Catholic society in which heresy (ie real heresy) gets the upper hand – it becomes Protestant, and then infested with grossly immoral Atheistic totalitarianism, and finally The Imposition of Unreason (eg Men being called Women).

When you see the truth, that a neutral state is a nonsense, you will realise that all our politics are a fight between different groups in societies. Heresies are like cockroaches – they multiply and take over, which is why the Catholic Church was always correct to oppose them as much as possible. If you don’t, you end up with gross injustices on an enormous scale.

Choose the Catholic Faith, or choose the Devil. There are no other options.






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3 Responses to Confessional States

  1. Jacinta Boudreau says:

    YES! THIS! Love it!

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