McElroy, Cretin

I refuse to be nice towards the enemies of Christ and His Church. “They should be beaten with fists” – Pope SAINT Pius X.


The Francis and Bishop McElroy

Bishop McElroy of San Diego is clearly a cretin who sides with the priest, Fr Martin SJ, who has The Francis’s backing in promoting *Buggery*.


Fr Martin SJ

This simple sentence tells you what’s what. The many clergy who hate God’s laws and love B u g g e r y (either doing it, or simply promoting it) are now openly declaring which side they are on, and it’s our job to oppose them with rhetorical fists, or at least mockery.

Bruvver Eccles has some mockery to offer.

Christopher Ferrara points out that faithful Catholics have borne “witness to Christ against the heretical filth Martin promotes with a sickly smile.” Here he starts to beat Fr Martin “like a rented mule”:

The arrogant and annoyingly prissy Father James Martin, SJ, a relentless promoter of sexual deviancy within the Church, must have thought it was nothing but clear sailing ahead for his subversive agenda, it being assisted by high-ranking members of the hierarchy, such as the cardinals who have praised his efforts. Now, however, Martin is having a hissy fit as his many friends rush to his defense following the cancellation of his speech at the prestigious Theological College of Catholic University of America due to “increasing negative feedback from various social media sites…”

These Cretins are Evil.


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