The UnPapacy

Yesterday on Twitter, someone said that Pope Francis is so UnPapal.

This is perfect! I mean, it’s a perfect description for such confusing times. Some Catholics are arguing cogently that he is an Antipope and that Benedict is still the reigning Pontiff. Other Catholics are arguing cogently that it’s not up to us to decide and that believing The Francis to be an Antipope produces big problems of its own. However, this speculation is fruitless.

Me? Either view could be correct as far as I can tell, but I have no desire to find myself on the wrong end of canon law. I just want to get to heaven. Is it too much to ask?

But, whether The Francis is Pope or not, he is UnPapal in his words and deeds, and I really think that anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.

So, the UnPapacy is what I’m calling this… thing.

Also, I pray regularly – with fasting – for a full resolution to what I call (especially in my prayers) the “Dumb Bergoglio… Situation.”

Here is Christopher Ferrara in The Remnant:

What an affront this grandstanding, vulgar, insult-hurling Pope is to the memory of the great Roman Pontiffs who defended the truths of the Faith before a hostile world at the risk of their very lives. That he maintains a reputation for humility represents one of the must successful public relations fantasies in modern history, made possible only with the cooperation of the globe-spanning Fake News Industrial Complex

What does Bergoglio mean by a “rigid person”? Of course, he has made that quite clear with his endless stream of petty insults: an observant Catholic who thinks that the negative precepts of the natural law admit of no exceptions…

That Caesar too must render unto God the things that are God’s seems not to have occurred to Bergoglio. Given that the traditional teaching of the Church on the Social Kingship of Christ is decidedly not what Bergoglio thinks, he has excised it from his faux “magisterium” of interviews and airborne press conferences…

As readers are no doubt wondering: What is a Catholic to do in the face of the endless raving of this man, who admits in the same interview that in his forties he underwent psychoanalysis “with a Jewish psychoanalyst. For months I went to her house once a week to clear up some things”?

First of all, obviously, we must keep the Faith in spite of Bergoglio’s relentless attacks upon it

He must be confronted, day in and day out, by the orthodox Catholics he so clearly despises and seeks to ostracize with his cheap demagoguery…

The Chair of Peter is occupied by a man who appears to have been validly elected to the papacy, is universally recognized as a successor of Peter, and yet, de facto, is a kind of antipope in terms of his words and deeds. Worse, not even the literal antipopes of the past have uttered the falsehoods and inanities that flow from Bergoglio like a river from its source

What we are now witnessing is something other than mere sedevacantism. What exactly it is, only history will tell. But it is certainly something the Church has never seen before.

I hope for a dramatic intervention from Heaven. Indeed, this seems the only way out of this mess, so we must pray and fast. If it does not come in my lifetime, I pray I will always be a faithful Catholic regardless.

“Our help is in the name of the LORD Who made heaven and earth.”

Our Lady of Quito, pray for us.

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