Christendom Club

Following on from my history course in July, which seemed to be successful, I thought I would offer a Club meeting at my house twice a month for the Catholic home schoolers in our area. I’m planning it for the students, ages 13+.

The Aim of Christendom Club is to share our family time with others, exploring the goodness, beauty, and truth of God and Christendom – the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen. We will pray the Rosary and the Angelus, have some Catechism and Scripture lessons and a formal History Class, which will correct much anti-Catholic propaganda. Students will be invited to share, if they wish, from relevant literature, poetry, fine arts, music, and architecture. There will be no homework and no tests. This is meant to be true leisure-learning.

Proposed Schedule:

September 14 Introduction and Ancient History: Egypt and Sumer
September 28 The Kingdom of Israel including Archaeological Evidence
October 12 The Achievements of Greece and Rome
October 26 The Incarnation and the Early Church. Empire and Church.
November 9 The Middle Ages (9th-11th C)
November 23 The High Middle Ages and The Crusades
January 11 The 13th – 15th Centuries
January 25 16th Century: The Great Revolt
February 9 Characters of the “Reformation”
February 23 16th Century: The Catholic Response and the Galileo Controversy
March 9 The Age of France. The Rise and Fall of the Stuarts.
March 23 Liberalism and the French Revolution
April 12 The French Revolution (continued). Napoleon.
April 26 19th Century, predominantly European
May 10 20th Century, predominantly European, but including US involvement in World Wars etc.
May 24 Revision
June 14 End of Year Party

Club Schedule:
10:00 The Rosary
10:20 History Lesson
11:00 Short Break
11:05 History Lesson resumes
12:00 The Angelus
12:05 Lunch
12:30 Sacred Heart Devotion and Catechism/Scripture
1:00 Literature and Poetry
1:30 Fine Arts, Architecture, and Music Appreciation
2:00 Finish.

 The Sacred Heart of Jesus



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