History Course

The Incarnation: the most important event in history

I had a great time teaching about 15 home schoolers, ages 13-18, about the History of Christendom: an overview. We had four sessions of about 3 hours and 15 mins lectures each time, so 12+ hours of lecturing, during July. The session time was from 10am – 2pm, each day so there was just a small amount of lunch time and bathroom breaks etc.

The kids were amazing! I actually lectured them – this wasn’t “fun class” or baby time activity and they sat up attentively the whole time. They might have been daydreaming, of course, but they mostly looked engaged and they asked a few, good questions here and there. Afterwards, they enthusiastically expressed thanks.

Chartres Cathedral

I anticipated pretty good behaviour and I certainly required it, but even so, I was impressed! I know home schooling is not for everyone, but I’m persuaded more than ever before that it’s a great option for many.

I think at one point towards the end I had to shush them a little, but that was because I had said something fairly humorous, and they were understandably amused by it. It took no effort to get everything to quieten down again. I will shortly report back to their mothers, who have obviously done an excellent job with their kids. I will also spend some time soon, knocking the notes into better shape, for the students to refer to.

5000 years of history in 12-13 hours! My overwhelming impression can be summed up in the expression, “Man, a lot of stuff happened!”

The Battle of Milvian Bridge: “In this sign you will conquer”

The dates were Mondays and Fridays, 10, 14, 24 and 28 July. This was a good way to proceed, I think, because the kids had time between classes to mull over things and do other activities, and I had adequate time to prepare for each class. Although, as for the preparation, in the words of the Duke of Wellington,

“It was the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life!”


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2 Responses to History Course

  1. Julie Westhoff says:

    I bet they learned alot!

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