Mass Killings

In Western countries, we have seen increases in mass killings, by people wielding knives, bombs, and guns. Also, trucks.

Why do people do these things? I’m inclined to think it’s Psychopathy (or Narcissism), but these things are impossible to prove by proper scientific methods, so I can’t offer any kind of scientific proof.

While I can’t offer scientific evidence, I can offer some basic reasoning. In a court of law, the jury hears various kinds of evidence, and they must use their commonsense judgment to decide the fate of the accused.

Scientific proof is not all there is, when it comes to making judgments, but all I can do is offer you my reasons for believing psychopathy to be the main cause of these disasters.

Many sinners can get through life without killing anyone, so we need to look at the things which send people over the edge.

Like her, or loathe her, Ann Barnhardt has come up with a theory, which I think is at least plausible, though horribly politically incorrect. Since it’s a theory which can’t be proven, however, nobody is obliged to believe it.

The theory about psychopaths (or narcissists) is that they have no conscience, possibly by having purged themselves of empathy, or “love.” This would account for their comparative ease in physically, or psychologically destroying other people.

I also agree with Peter Hitchens, whose blog I have been reading for about 5 years, that a correlation exists between psychotropic drugs (e.g. cannabis, steroids, and anti-depressants) and violent crime. Indeed, use of such drugs, may well make a person insane. Alternatively, a psychopath would have no hesitation in using them for his/her own pleasure, not caring about the effects it would have on family and friends. Most of the ‘arguments’ in favour of the use of cannabis, for example, demonstrate a horrible attitude of callousness towards the family members of drug users. If that’s not psychopathy, it’s certainly selfishness. This correlation between drugs and violent crime needs to be investigated properly.

A number of these crimes have been committed by people of no religion at all, or by people who have no connection with Islam. The use of drugs in such cases, seems to be a common factor.

However, I do also agree with those people who are concerned about the apparent rise in violence caused by people who definitely have a connection to Islam, or who – in their madness – have made a claim to such a connection.

I don’t believe the so-called ‘Islamic State’ are involved in many of these attacks. They are terrorist thugs (going by their own videos) and obviously will claim any and all such crimes as being theirs, because it makes them more scary. Although I obviously feel concerned about a rise in such violence, the chances of being attacked are still fairly low, so I refuse to cower in fear. I believe it’s true that I have more chance of dying in Houston’s traffic. I will, however, be buying firearms as soon as I can. Moreover, I intend to become well trained in how to cope with a violent crime, whether I am armed or not. I also go to confession frequently, and so should all Catholics. Everyone else should become Catholic. You don’t want to go to Hell, and you could die at any time, by any cause.

I believe Islam is a filthy, disgusting, evil religion (or possibly, a political racket), not because of these horrible attacks, but because of the general way it is lived out, in many parts of the world, its laws, its views and teachings, no matter how much they might vary from place to place, and because of its founder, who as far as I can tell was a psychopath. Whatever else he was, he was nothing like Our Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t care if there are ‘nice’ Muslims in the world. It’s not them I’m concerned about.

Eighty years ago, Belloc predicted a rise in Islam, at a time when the Ottoman Empire had been reduced to nothing, and nobody else in the West thought anything of it. It was a spent force, they thought. I believe Belloc was right, and we are living through this resurgence. Even if all the current killings are accounted for by people on drugs, there is still the question of mass immigration, and the desire of Muslims to impose Shariah law on the nations they enter. Let them increase in sufficient numbers and watch what happens. Meanwhile, there are increases in sexual violence in areas where there are recent Muslim immigrants.

In my view, the concerns about Muslim immigrants are very real, and at the very least, we should stop immigration from Muslim countries. That won’t help the Christians who are persecuted in those countries, but then, our Western nations aren’t doing much anyway to help them as far as I can tell. Nobody cares about them.

I’m sick of the dhimmification of our politicians and journalists. They are, imo, mostly culpable for this mess. It is also, probably, a severe chastisement from God, for our faithlessness these 50+ years.

Pray, fast, give alms.

Go to confession. Be ready to defend yourself, or the innocent and vulnerable.

Now is the time to be as brave (though not foolhardy) as we can.

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