On controversy

Just a brief post about controversy. I have generally not shied away from this, during my adult life, though it often costs me a lot emotionally.

But truth is worth it.

I read recently a FB post to the effect that Catholics do not study scripture well enough and that is why we are in our current mess. Now, the first part of this may be true, but I wouldn’t know, since I don’t claim to know how well other Catholics study scripture, although most Catholics I know seem to be well informed on it.

But the second part of that accusation is laughable. Even if we didn’t have the example of Protestants being unable to ever reach unity on any matter – since they do not have an ultimate authority on earth to make definitive statements – then both our older history and plain common sense tells us that even very solid study of scripture alone would not save us from controversy. Clearly, those who study scripture well can still arrive at different conclusions on many matters of importance. That’s why Jesus created an infallible Church, and a proper authority. Even if a Pope should go wildly astray, we have the Sensus Fidelium, that is the long, historical sense of the Faith which exists and can never be changed by any Pope. The development of doctrine only goes in one direction. It can never contradict itself. Laymen and women in the great mess of today must be as well informed as we can – including scripture. Most of us were given very poor catechesis, and we have to look at both scripture and tradition. Those who suggest that we are in the mess and engaging in controversy with one another due to allegedly poor knowledge of scripture are making a laughable claim. Controversy, as is shown clearly in scripture, going all the way back to St. Paul’s challenges to St. Peter is exactly how the Church arrives at the truth.

Live By The Truth

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