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Mass Killings

In Western countries, we have seen increases in mass killings, by people wielding knives, bombs, and guns. Also, trucks. Why do people do these things? I’m inclined to think it’s Psychopathy (or Narcissism), but these things are impossible to prove by proper … Continue reading

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On controversy

Just a brief post about controversy. I have generally not shied away from this, during my adult life, though it often costs me a lot emotionally. But truth is worth it. I read recently a FB post to the effect … Continue reading

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Helpful Videos

To refresh our memories, what is a canonised Saint? (The whole video is worth watching, but we are starting from about 7:20).   The late Fr. Hesse on the indefectibility of the Church. The Pope of the day was Pope … Continue reading

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Helpful websites

Canon212 is a Drudge-style news aggregator of matters relating to the Church and the World. In case you still don’t believe me that Pope Francis is spouting a great amount of heresy (how is this even in doubt at this point?) … Continue reading

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