Random Elements

I’m still terribly disappointed about the general lack of Big Hair in this part of Texas. 😦


And I’m tired of my hairstyle. I think I’ll get it cut to a medium length with layers.


School here goes back on Monday – all the neighbourhood kids will be back and we’ll see what the normal routine of life will be like then. I’m *almost* looking forward to it. Almost.


I have the children’s school books for this semester at least, so that’s a good start.


The weather is of course still completely unbearable, but when it does cool off, we’ll be out and about more, so I’m looking forward to that too.


Meanwhile, my To Do list piles higher and higher and I studiously ignore it. Heck, even just wanting to have my hair trimmed has become a chore to add to the list.


And the saga of my Drivers’ licence just keeps going on… and on. But at least I’ve decided to stop stressing about it. I’ve done the best I can with the paperwork and it’s not my fault if the bureaucracy is idiotic.


I’m currently listening online to Houston’s Eagle radio station. This is a bit unusual, as I normally reserve radio listening for the car and I don’t like much apart from the radio when I’m driving.


I’ve decided that both classic Rock and abstract art are for me a kind of play time thing. They are not the superb stuff of either Music or Art, but the better specimens are rather fun. And this might be a Vale of Tears (especially with Pink Floyd playing, which it currently is), but God is good, all the time and Life isn’t All Bad. (I suppose).

I’m looking forward to Downton Abbey, Season 4. Shut up.


The pool is Fantastic!


It’s my neighbour’s birthday today. I’ll go up and say hello later on. I was going to get the servants to cook brownies or a cake, but we’ve run out of eggs and I’ll be damned if I go out to Kroger’s.


That’s all for now.  🙂

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4 Responses to Random Elements

  1. Janet says:

    How will you tell the difference between being damned and going to Kroger?

  2. Fr. Anthony says:

    The mind numbing level of bureaucracy was a real surprise for me when I lived in the US for two years.

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