Ankle surgery and Armageddon and Stuff

It’s probably about time I posted something here.

It’s the growing season, so I have been a bit active in the garden since February. (Note: “gardening” in Australian means “yard work” mostly relating to growing flowers and keeping lawns maintained etc, not narrowly as vegetable growing).

Not *very* active, mind you, but a bit. I would have done more, but my ankles are in bad shape. The worst of the two was operated on last Thursday and my doctor said (after having had a look inside) that it was a “train wreck”. LOL! No wonder I’d been complaining about it. He’s cleaned up the loose cartilage, which apparently doesn’t grow back, and repaired a torn ligament. In a few months from now I hope he’ll fix the other ankle. So, for now I’m hopping around and getting about in a wheelchair.

But enough of that! Back to the garden. I didn’t have the money to spend on lots of plants, so I grew some flowers from seeds, and have been propagating succulents. I did also buy a few plants – Asiatic lilies, azaleas, snapdragon, dianthus, dusty miller and lambs ear – because they were at the local store. I assumed they would grow here.

I live in a standard suburb, with an aggressive Home Owners’ Association, so we have to have everything all cookie cutter like. My main aim has been to keep them off our backs, by fixing obvious problems in the front garden (yard), particularly the lawn, which had been somewhat neglected due to a sprinkler problem last year in the summer. I do have a gardener who comes once a week to mow the lawn, which is great. My job has been to ensure various soil treatments have been applied, do some manual weeding in the lawn and beds, ensure proper watering and stuff like that. My younger boys have had fun helping me to grow flowers and veggies. They usually water the pot plants, which is very helpful now that I’m down for the count.

Anyway, here are some pics.

These are from back in March. I will post some more recent ones soon.

So that covers my ankles and the garden. Now what about Armageddon?

Mundabor recently wrote a post that I completely agree with. Yes, the situation in the Church is extremely bad, and really God will have to fix it. But He will do it with the help of men, and we must each do our part.

So, shall we just avoid the controversies surrounding Pope Francis and limit ourselves to praying the rosary and writing about edifying material? If you have followed this blog even only a couple of days, you know my answer.

There is an awful lot of material, online and in books, for those who want to deepen their knowledge of traditional Catholicism. This blog, and many others, have plenty of information on the matter for the one who is willing to search. Thank God, the Internet has put this information within the reach of pretty much everyone in the English speaking world.

Blogging is, however, a more immediate form of communication than a book; and it therefore allows a faster reaction when things go wrong. A war is raging, and Satan is clearly very influent in the Vatican. I for myself am not going to spend the time I have for blogging in further explanations about the Works of Mercy or the meaning of the word “charity”. Plenty of resources for that; actually even on this blog, but pretty much everywhere.

No, this is not the time to retreat to a kind of devotional blogging, or spiritual blogging retreat. This is the time to follow St Michael. The reduction of Catholic blogging to online Catholic fare without reference to the war that is raging is tantamount to giving Francis all the liberty he wants, and to wreck everything he wants, safe in the knowledge that Catholic bloggers will focus on the Joyous Mysteries, or on pious toughts on the day of the Ascension.

In times of war you need, first of all, warriors. Cooks may be useful, byt they don’t win wars. The Crusaders never stopped thinking whether it would have been better to stop the war and start spiritual exercises instead. They knew it was the time for war, and they acted accordingly.

Pray your rosary, my dear reader.

And then go on the Internet and blog, comment, retweet, “like”, do all you can to help in the war that is raging.

As for me, my Christian name means “Famous Warrior Maid”. So there’s that.

And this just in today, is very… interesting.

NEWCASTLE, Australia, May 22, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson is now the highest-ranked Catholic prelate to have been convicted of covering up sex abuse. The Australian archbishop, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, faces two years in prison.

He will be sentenced on June 19.

I’m particularly interested, because he was my Archbishop when we lived in Adelaide, from 2002 – 2007. So, let’s see. First of all, he is facing a two year sentence. And how much time does the average convicted rapist do, I wonder? He has been convicted of covering up a crime. He still denies that he was told anything by anyone. This may or may not be true, I’m just stating the facts as reported. Also, I have no respect at all for any prelate in the Church right now. Not one of them has opposed Francis’s wrecking of the Church in the way he should have, and many of them I suspect are actual criminals. No, my interest is largely based on the fact that the Australian Establishment is simply out to get Catholic clergy however they can. Look, I’ll begin to be impressed by these supposed efforts to convict clergy of failure to report crimes when they do the same to other churches, organisations, and especially state schools. Sorry, but I don’t believe these cynics care about victims of crime at all. No, what they really want is to persecute the Church and specifically in Australia, they want to destroy the Seal of the Confessional. They have been after our Sacrament for years.

According to the Associated Press, one of the altar boys allegedly told Wilson about it in the confessional. Priests risk excommunication for revealing anything said to them in the confessional.

The Catholic Church teaches that the seal of confession is an essential part of that sacrament, so that people can freely confess their sins and be forgiven. The seal of confession has become an issue in some parts of the world, including Australia, where some want Catholic priests to reveal things heard in Confession if related to sex abuse.

“Given the delicacy and greatness of this ministry and the respect due to persons, the Church declares that every priest who hears confessions is bound under very severe penalties to keep absolute secrecy regarding the sins that his penitents have confessed to him. He can make no use of knowledge that confession gives him about penitents’ lives,” the Catechism of the Catholic Church instructs (CCC 1467). “This secret, which admits of no exceptions, is called the ‘sacramental seal,’ because what the penitent has made known to the priest remains ‘sealed’ by the sacrament.”

Don’t be fooled, the public broadcaster, the ABC, in particular, only wants to see the Catholic Church persecuted on account of its (now very weak) resistance to All Things Progressive. If it even remotely cared about victims of sex abuse, it would go after all the people who have been committing such crimes and covering them up.

As for the alleged “cover up” of crimes by Archbishop Wilson, even if he had not denied having done so, what exactly do we expect of people in authority when such accusations are brought to them? Presumption of innocence means that the accused has certain rights and we are not at liberty to overrule them. It’s not a matter of believing or not believing the alleged victim, but it is a matter of establishing that a crime has been committed. I don’t even know what people in authority should do in such situations. Do you?

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Imaginary Relationships

I read an article today from a few years back, which highlighted a certain aspect of male-female interactions. It was very interesting and inadvertently explains some of the rational behind Catholic morals regarding sex.

The writer, whom I will refer to as The Guru, is a woman in late middle age and very worldly, so her sexual morals are not something I endorse. For this reason also, I will not link to her website etc. However, her understanding of the basic psychological differences between men and women are very helpful, for married and unmarried women alike. Probably, men reading her would think she is insane, due to her irrational approach to emotions. For this reason, also, a Catholic woman would have to read her through a heavily Catholic filter.

But in the article I read, she was counseling a young woman who was heartbroken over a love affair. I say “love affair” but the love was all in the young woman’s mind (and not only because it doesn’t stack up to the Catholic concept of marital love). She had considered herself to be “in a relationship” with a man, because he liked being with her, called her often, took her on dates, and they had sexual relations on many occasions.

The Guru, as kindly as she could, and while obviously caring for this young woman, told her that the relationship was imaginary – it had only ever existed in her mind. The Guru explained what had really happened: the man had asked the woman out on dates, and had asked her for sex, and she had agreed. That’s it! That’s the sum total of the “relationship.” He wanted to remain “friends” presumably because of the benefits.

This little story – as painful as almost any modern woman would find it, because it’s so horribly close to the bone – is the simple reality. Men and women do not have the same expectations of a relationship. A man only has a relationship with a woman, essentially because of his own desires. He desires to marry, so he finds a good woman and marries her. Or, more romantically, he falls in love with a woman (usually – maybe always) because she has somehow facilitated an intense emotional bond to form. If he is not a virtuous man, he might perhaps marry for whatever vestiges of morals remain in society, and he will leave the marriage as soon as his own rationale for being married evaporate. A woman today will certainly leave her marriage for selfish reasons, but in more traditional set ups, a woman is far less likely to leave her husband. Catholic morals have always tended to help both spouses, particularly the man, remain within the marriage during the unavoidable rough patches. I’m inclined to think that all marriages reach breaking point, and some “break.” (Strictly not, but that’s another topic).

Women will never – as a group – really be able to thrive in “love affairs”. There are certainly some exceptions, and I might even mention a few some other time. But women were made to be cherished by men, and it’s only marriage which can facilitate that.

There are no guarantees either. That’s life, I’m sad to say. But for the Christian, there is a Higher Love, Who can always be relied upon.

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I Hate Divorce

“And this again have you done, you have covered the altar of the Lord with tears, with weeping, and bellowing, so that I have no more a regard to sacrifice, neither do I accept any atonement at your hands. [14] And you have said: For what cause? Because the Lord hath been witness between thee, and the wife of thy youth, whom thou hast despised: yet she was thy partner, and the wife of thy covenant. [15] Did not one make her, and she is the residue of his spirit? And what doth one seek, but the seed of God? Keep then your spirit, and despise not the wife of thy youth.” ~ Malachi 2

I cannot now find the disgusting article I briefly scanned yesterday, but it was written about “what to do” when your ex-husband or ex-wife “marries” someone new. The basic advice was, if for example, they like their step parent, put your children’s feelings ahead of your own, because that’s what being a parent means blah blah.

Sorry, no. The time to do that was *before* you got divorced, you cretin. (I’m addressing the article author there). There are many issues at play, but there is no way that good behaviour can be determined by the feelings of one person or another. Good grief! This is simply a nightmare of a minefield of emotions.

No, what we need here – and at all times – are good morals. Let me demonstrate.

Take the situation of an abandoned husband, who did nothing seriously deserving of marital separation (ie no violence, or adultery). These days it’s more likely that women will leave their husbands for no good reason. So, the idiotic article advised that he simply has to lump everything because everyone else’s feeeeeeeelings come first. This is because the only rule that now exists is that adulterers should never feel bad. That would be wrong! And mean. And judgmental.

Let me give our fictional man some proper advice. You’ve done nothing seriously wrong if there was no violence in the marriage, you’re not a psychopath, and you didn’t commit adultery. Because your children love and need both you and their mother it is indeed best if you try hard not to slag her off in their presence. This is indeed where you need to try to put their feelings ahead of yours. But here’s the thing. Because the slut left you and is now committing adultery with someone else, doesn’t mean you have to tolerate more embarrassment and general garbage from these adulterers. As far as possible have as little to do with them as you can. While not slagging off their mother, do find a gentle way to tell your children that what she has done is wrong. Do let them know it’s still right for them to love her, but that loving her doesn’t mean agreeing with everything she does. These messages have to be geared towards a child’s maturity level, of course. There is nothing in the Rule Book which says you have to like anything your “ex-wife” (in fact, your wife, regardless of wicked laws) does or says or thinks. You certainly don’t have to like the blackguard she’s committing adultery with (even if they are in a fake “marriage”) or anything about him. Your main job is to protect your poor children from him, if you can, because even if he’s not actually violent to them, he is a very bad example. Unfortunately, the law is not on your side in any of this, so be careful. In most cases, I think, your best way forward is to be as good an example to everyone around you, but that means having firm principles and trying hard to stick to them. You might not think you are needed, but you actually are, more than ever. Things aren’t always as they seem.

Whatever you do, don’t give in to other people’s idiotic views about how you should see things! In this case, you’re right and these two are wrong. It doesn’t give you the right to exact revenge – it gives you the confidence to act justly. Assert your fatherly rights as much as you can.

But what happens when the children start to talk a lot about their mother, and particularly if they talk about their “step father.” You can probably act in a number of reasonable ways, but if it were me, I would simply make it a rule that the children are not allowed to speak to me of this person, unless there is something bad happening that you need to know about, in order to protect them. Make it clear that it’s a rule. You don’t even have to tell them why, because you are their father and they owe you obedience, but you could simply say “because I don’t like it, and I don’t need to hear it.” And you don’t need to hear it. It’s perfectly fine to put your legitimate needs ahead of other people’s whims and nonsense. The poor children are actually in need of strong guidance and that’s actually what you’re giving them here. Don’t teach them to be a doormat.

Do not think a new “relationship” for you will fix things, either. It won’t. It will certainly make things much worse, not least because adultery is evil, and it will eat away at your soul. Don’t be fooled by all the adulterers who seem happy. Incidentally, why do people seem to believe that most marriages are unhappy, but most adulterous relationships are happy? How stupid! If the person you chose to be with the first time made you unhappy, why wouldn’t the second one? Good grief! Don’t people pay attention?

Stop the crap. Grow a brain. Grow a spine. Fix yourself! And then start to fix those around you by simply holding the line. Do this as consistently as possible for about a decade or so, and eventually the semi-reasonable people close to you will “get it” and the rest won’t be worth troubling with. For the obstinate people in your life, you need to pray and fast. Also, keeping contact to a minimum is probably best for all.

This is the best advice you’ll ever get on divorce and “remarriage” (ie adultery) if I say so myself. 🙂

Good luck!

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Catholicism and Anti-Catholicism

I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated, lately, with conversations about the Faith. I’ve been trying to work out exactly why, and I think I’ve worked it out.

Obviously, since I believe the Faith is true, I wish for all souls to be saved, which means that I wish for all souls to become Catholic, and for all Catholics to become holy. This is clearly logical. However, the fact is that most people in the world are not Catholic, and I have no problem accepting that this the reality. To aid a person in becoming a Catholic might require a number of things, and this will tend to vary from person to person.

One thing that will always be required, is the informing of the person about the teachings of the Church. Another thing which will usually be needed is to answer any reasonable questions he has about it. If his questions are unreasonable, it will be because he’s irrational about it: either he loves his sins too much; or he will be afraid of the possible results of his conversion, such as losing friends. There may be other causes of his irrationality – but it is irrational. This leads then, to intellectual dishonesty, and that’s one thing I just can’t stand.

So, basically, that’s the source of my present frustration, as far as I can tell. It doesn’t bother me at all if someone is not yet persuaded to convert, for these things take a lot of time. All I want is to see intellectual honesty. Here is one example: how honest is it for a protestant, or secularist, to be quizzing Catholics about some point of philosophy or doctrine (eg the existence of God, or the corruption of some members of the Catholic clergy) when hundreds and even probably thousands of Catholic writers have *already* answered these same questions over and over and over? Hint: it isn’t.

I’m just about at the point of saying “Google it” to every question, but that’s very much against the heart of a teacher.

People are either becoming Catholic, or they are anti-Catholic and here’s why:

“If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you.”


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Catholicism in the Bergoglian Age


The Bergoglian Age is what we’re calling this execrable thing we’re living in. For those who don’t know, Pope Francis was Jorge Bergoglio before his election to the Papacy, that fateful day in March 2013.


Miss Hilary White has written up an excellent blog post, as is her custom. She is the one who has coined it The Bergoglian Age, I think. Her post requires a response from a large number of faithful Catholics, imo. Please do read the whole thing, here.

Her thesis is simple. The Church crisis we’ve been living through for now half a century may last another half a century. It’s bad, and we should assume it will get worse.

And NO earthly creature is coming to rescue us. No cardinal, no bishop. No one on earth.

We’re it.

She says:

Things are the way they are. And we need to start preparing ourselves in a concrete manner for a long period of spiritual and ecclesiastical famine.

So now what?

Worst Case Scenario: we have no access at all to the Sacraments. And let’s assume we can’t get to any place where there is a priest who can administer them.

  1. Remain in a state of grace. Just don’t commit mortal sin. Get serious now about holiness, so that we’re in a better place to die in a state of grace.
  2. Learn by heart, if we haven’t already, a traditional Act of Contrition. If we have the misfortune to commit mortal sin and we no longer have access to the Sacrament of Penance, then we will need to make a Perfect Act of Contrition before we die. I recommend we all get in the habit of trying to do this at the end of every day. I say “trying” because really, only God knows if we have made a perfect Act of Contrition.
  3. Pray the Rosary daily for fortification, as well as for conversing with our Beloved JESUS and his Mother.
  4. Get in the habit now of daily mental prayer, even if it’s just for five minutes. I am currently using the meditations by St Alphonsus Liguori on the Sacred Heart, and using this method for mental prayer. Use whatever you like, of course, I’m just giving an example in case it helps.
  5. Save up to buy a portable altar, just in case you can get a priest to come say Mass in your home some time.
  6. Read the Roman Catechism and maybe Ludwig Ott’s Fundamentals of Catholic Doctrine. Use these to teach your children the Faith and why you are doing the things you are doing about it.
  7. Promote the message of Fatima. Well, learn it first! (Preaching to myself, here).


If things don’t get quite that bad, then we should try to avail ourselves of attendance at Mass at least some times during the week,and obviously on Sunday. This is one area in which I think we will simply have to use our prudential judgment and obey our conscience. This, in fact, is my basic plan – pray, do what seems to be the right thing, and help others as much as I can. Because we can’t really predict exactly how this is all going to unfold, I think we have to be prepared to keep re-evaluating. The main thing will be to keep trusting in God.

I think I can say with a fair amount of confidence that almost all of us will come pretty close to despair. We have to decide now to just remain committed, and to make the best decisions we can day to day.

As for what to teach our children, or those who are thinking of converting, I think a fairly detailed study of the very turbulent times in Church history would be very helpful. Even though I believe we are going through the worst period ever, a study of Church history will still help to keep many things in perspective.


I am also listening to an audio recording of The Lord of the Rings. I just can’t shake the impression that it was (knowingly or otherwise) written as a manual for our time. It does, of course, have universal and lasing themes, but still, bits of it are very helpful. I don’t recommend we sit round watching the DVDs every night.


One thing that’s helpful for me is remembering that from the moment of its creation, the Fellowship of the Ring was beset with internal strife as well as outward pressure. If that’s not an accurate description of political conservatism and trad Catholic life, I don’t know what is!

I think that if God doesn’t intervene in the next couple of years, by sending His Mother, and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, then the Muslims and/or commies will just set about killing us in earnest. Clearly, they are all violently, rabidly insane.


communist iconsDon’t be fooled, though. Filthy little commies come in all shapes and sizes: here is a Tasmanian version:

julie collins

And here is an eccesial version:


And another one:


I believe Apocalypse (Revelation) 12 was fulfilled on 23rd September, 2017. This was what I wrote before the event:

What does it mean? Well, I’m just a housewife, so I have no expertise, but the sign clearly matches *fully* the various elements of the Apocalypse 12 sign. The sun, the moon, the twelve stars, and importantly, Jupiter, have all been exactly where they should, to line up with this sign in scripture. As for its meaning, it’s clear from the authoritative Douay-Rheims version that the Church is bringing forth her children, and Christ in them, as she suffers the pains of childbirth at this time. (No kidding!) Who are her children? Us! – all the faithful Catholics alive at this time. We were born for this.

What this means in detail, I don’t know, but I am watching and praying, as Our Lord commanded, and we wait to see what He will accomplish.

Interestingly, on that day (Texas time) I read that the Filial Correction had been issued. This seemed very significant – not so much in terms of concrete and immediate results, but in the spiritual realm.


of course, in our time we just have to keep on keeping on, as Catholics have always had to – Pray, Fast, Give Alms, Study, Work.

Maybe read some Belloc:


Or this great book:


Apart from what I can do, it’s just a matter of waiting for the

Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.


Look! A picture of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Risen from the Dead, just to cheer you up.



Christus Vincit,

Christus Regnat,

Christus Imperat



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“Muh Resistance”

This Papacy is a Scourge.

I’m trying to keep this post simple, for the benefit of non-Catholics who will read it.

Putting things in their simplest terms, and bearing in mind that I might not fully understand certain aspects of Church teaching, I will endeavour to write what’s on my mind.

For His own reasons, God has permitted us to suffer under what must surely be the worst Pope in history. It is certainly possible for the Church to have a bad man sitting as Pope. It’s happened many times before and the doctrine of Infallibility is narrowly defined, so that it certainly doesn’t mean the moral impeccability of the man who holds the office. That said, Francis is a disaster.

The Church has survived bad Popes, and as bad as this one is, the Bride of Christ (the Church) will survive this too. But it’s really ugly.

How Bad Is It?

The Catholic Herald has something to say about the recent scandal with child abuse, and it shows just how bad things are.

The man is also clearly a (material) heretic and has even blasphemed on more than one occasion. Let that sink in. For some more information on heresy, check out the Catholic Encyclopedia, but briefly, heresy means disagreement with one or more doctrines of the Church.

He is, in my opinion, a Peronist Thug, as is outlined in the very popular e-book, “The Dictator Pope” by pseudonymous writer,  ‘Marcantonio Colonna’ (Soon available in hardback).


So today I woke up to this bizarre “interview” given by The Francis to one of his Flying Monkeys, Fr Antonio Spadaro. Italian is here. English Google translation is here. I notice that Google translate gives “Holy Father” as “Sister Father” for some reason and it was so clearly wrong that I made a point of checking the Italian, even though I don’t really read it. So I guess the translation could just be really, really terrible, but even so, I’ve heard more than I ever want to from this Pope and even when he is translated by reliable people, what comes out is “word salad.” It’s just a bunch of guff.

But at this passage, I burst out laughing. It’s simply mad:

What resistances did you encounter and how did you experience them?

“I never say before the difficulty that it is a” resistance “, because it would mean giving up discerning, which I want to do instead. It is easy to say that there is resistance and not to realize that in that contrast there can also be a shred of truth. This also helps me to relativize many things that, at first sight, seem to resist, but in reality it is a reaction that arises from a misunderstanding … But when I realize that there is real resistance, of course, I’m sorry. Some people tell me it’s normal that there is resistance when someone wants to make changes. The famous “it’s always been like that” reigns everywhere, it’s a great temptation that we all lived. The resistances after Vatican II, still present, have this meaning: to relativize, to water down the Council. I’m even more sorry when somebody enlist in a resistance campaign. And unfortunately I see this too. I can not deny that there are any resistances. I see them and I know them. There are doctrinal resistance. For mental health I do not read the websites of this so-called “resistance”. I know who I am, I know the groups, but I do not read them, simply for my mental health. If there is something very serious, they inform me why they know it. It is a displeasure, but we must move forward. When I perceive resistances, I try to dialogue, when dialogue is possible; but some resistances come from people who believe they have the true doctrine and accuse you of being a heretic. When in these people, for what they say or write, I do not find spiritual goodness, I simply pray for them. I feel sorry, but I do not dwell on this feeling for mental hygiene.”

Maybe it’s just the translation (I think not) but these look like the rantings of a madman!

Good to see we’re getting up his nose, however.

I’ll leave you with my thoughts from this morning, on Twitter:


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Lying British Historians

Well, now, who woulda thunk? I was reading the lovely Lingard today, on the early days of Britain, up to the early fourth century, and after observing that Christianity had already spread through the Island to a significant degree, he said the following:

It might have been expected that the British writers would have preserved the memory of an event so important in their eyes as the conversion of their fathers. But their traditions have been so embellished or disfigured by fiction, that without collateral evidence, it is hardly possible to distinguish in them what is real from what is imaginary.

Lingard says that the British Church was so well established by the end of the third century that it is written of by contemporaries as equal with the Churches in Gaul and Spain. We know also that at the Council of Arles in 314, the British Bishops, Elborius of York and Restitutus of London were present.


He relates a pleasing episode too, about Caesar Constantius, during the time of the Augustii, Maximian and Diocletian. This is not specific to Britain, but it’s of interest. Constantius was the Caesar (ie the heir to the Western half of the Empire) at the time that Diocletian issued a severe persecution of Christians. Refusal to worship the pagan gods was made punishable by death. Constantius was not in favour of this, however he informed the Christian officers of his houshold that they must determine to either

resign their employments, or to abjure the worship of Christ. If some among them preferred their interest to their religion, they received the reward which their perfidy deserved – as Caesar [Constantius] dismissed him from their service, observing that he would never trust the fidelity of men who had proven themselves traitors to their God.


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